February 24, 2018

Chicken Teriyaki with Brown Rice and Broccoli

Do you love Chinese food but wish there was a way to have it more often without all the sodium and all the grease. Here is a new wonderful recipe “Chicken Teriyaki with Brown Rice and Broccoli”. The great thing is you can control how much sodium is in it by using lower sodium or no sodium […]

Healthy Mexican Pizza Just Like Taco Bell’s

Are you looking for easy Mexican recipes? I found the recipe for the Mexican Pizzas from Taco Bell and I wanted to remake it into a healthier version because theirs has 540 calories and 30 grams of fat. I just couldn’t believe how bad it was for you. So instead of frying the tortilla shells […]

Fish Tacos

  Fish Tacos Serving 4 (2 tacos per person) Have you heard all of the buzz about fish tacos?  Well, I got hungry for some and finally came up with a great recipe that is healthy and tastes great also.  One of the great things about fish tacos is that only one fillet of fish […]