February 24, 2018

About Me

About MeHi my name is Heather and I live in Austin, Texas.

Cooking has become a huge part of my life as I am on this journey to lose weight while eating great. I want to be able to share great recipes that I have tried with you. With trying to find that one diet that works I have been able to make and try all kinds of recipes. There is not just that one diet that will make you lose 10 pounds in 3 days and keep it off.  I always try to remember I didn’t put the weight on in 3 days I will not be able to lose it in 3 days. The best way to lose weight is by portion control and exercise, it doesn’t have to be a hard exercise but just walk the block or down the street everyday for 5 to 20 minutes and work your way up from there.  I have decided to take a bunch of recipes from all different types of  diets out there and make them taste just a little bit better but still be healthy for you and your family. Some families hate when their parents go on diets because they think it will be bland food but with my recipe site there will always be something the family will love and be asking for it time and time again.

To show how much I really do talk about food a couple of Thanksgivings ago I was riding back with a car full of people from a friend’s house where we just had our huge Thanksgiving meal.  Here I am in the back of the car with another lady talking about what we could make next year. Everyone else in the car was telling us to hush because they were just so full of food and couldn’t even think about another single item entering their mouth. Even though I was not hungry I was just still thinking about food and how I wanted to make something new for the next year. As you can see I am always thinking about food even if I just ate 5 minutes ago.

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